When the kids were little we had farm animals, chickens goats, ducks and rabbits.  One day we went out to feed the chickens. I had Louise on my hip and Mae by the hand as the boys ran ahead.  When they reached the chicken feed the boys went nuts! “Mom!! Mom!!  There’s a MOUSE in the chicken feed!! Can we catch it?  Can we catch it?”. “Yes”, I replied “go in the house and get a mason jar to catch it in.  Don’t touch it!”.  So the boys run into the house to collect the mason jar.  Carefully, we catch the mouse.  Then we see the cat.  “Boys”, I say, wait for the cat to move along before you let it go.  Otherwise you are sentencing the poor thing to death.”. About this time Mae squeals.  I turn away from the boys to see what was going on with Mae.  The boys took this opportunity to let the mouse go IN FRONT of the cat.  The feline however takes no notice.  The mouse knows a cat is near.  It crouches close to the ground and very carefully creeps away.  After several feet it must have thought it was safe because the mouse started taking GIANT LEAPS towards the back of our property.  Then a hen comes from behind the building.  “Cluck, cluck.” She says and cocks her head side to side.  Then she CATCHES THE MOUSE, turns her head upwards and SWALLOW IT WHOLE!  (I had no idea chickens would eat mice). Mae starts crying, “No chickie no!! Bad chickie bad!!”. The boys on the other hand are whooping and hollering with excitement! 

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I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 5. This site is about the shenanigans of our lives!

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