We are raising a litter of abandoned kittens!  Boy has that been an adventure!  Of the litter of five, only one kitten had a tail.  So, of course, we called her Tail!  Tail was the most rambunctious, curious, and fearless of all the kittens!  She was always the first one do everything!  She was the one who climbed OUT of the play pen first! We would randomly find Tail on the floor and occasionally we found her by following the dog!  We even put a large blanket over the top of the kennel to keep the kittens in.  It only worked for one day with Tail!  One day when she out, Chocolate ( our lab mix) was in.  Tail ran between Chocolate’s back legs and he jumped and squeaked!  Then he lifted his floppy ears and started sniffing her!  Tail was completely oblivious that she’d given the dog a heart attack! 

Another day, when Tail was actually in the playpen, I decided to vacuum with the big vacuum instead of the Roomba.  I pulled the vacuum close to the play pen and turned it on.  All the kittens started jumping around like ping pong balls!! I felt bad for scaring them, but they sure were funny to watch!!  Of course, I turned  it off immediately and we took the kittens in the other room for me to do the necessary vacuuming. 

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I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 5. This site is about the shenanigans of our lives!

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