Robbie’s 30th Birthday Party

Last Saturday we went to our friend, Robbie’s 30th birthday party.  This was a big bash with all the stops!  There was a bounce house for the kids, an inflatable water slide, a pool, a swing set and plenty of kid-friendly entertainment for the adults too! 

Not long into the party, my husband and his friend decided to start dumping ICE WATER on some of us ladies.  I happened to be the lucky lady that got a whole cup of ice water dumped down my chest.  I jumped up and chased the offender down thoroughly soaking him with my drink.  Then, since I was soaked through already decided “What the heck!  I’ll go down the water slide!”. It was so much fun that I did it repeatedly!  One of the times I went down the water slide Ben and Cynthia caught my feet and told me I had caught fish!  Of course this stopped my momentum so I grabbed the little sticking up parts of the slide and pulled us down it,  (Almost army crawl style) all the while shouting that I had caught a Cynthia fish and a Ben fish until I dumped the kids in the mud on the other side!  The kids were like “Yay!! Do it again!!”. I’m going, *gasp* wheeze* “I can only haul in kid fish once guys”!

We went straight from the water slide to the bounce house.  Don’t know if you’re aware, but bounce houses are REALLY slippery when you’re wet.  Cynthia had a hard time staying up right.  At one point she asked me to pull her back up onto her feet.  I was at the edge of the bounce house ( this detail will become important shortly).  So I reach for both of her hands and in the process of trying to pull her up I fall backwards into the mesh window.  Next thing I know Cynthia is on top of me also against the mesh window and my butt is ON THE GROUND!  I kept telling her “roll that way.  Roll that way.”. But she couldn’t.  Pretty soon Ben was on top of her and Hanna on top of Ben!  We were royally stuck!   I was about to instruct the kids  to start shouting for help with me when help arrived.  Thankfully two of the men at the party had noticed our plight and came to the rescue!

 We did NOT get back in the bounce house.  Though I’m laughing now, I was not amused in the moment.

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