“We Will Rock You”

When Chris was a baby, we took a family trip about four hours drive from where we lived.  On the way back home, he was exhausted but refused to go to sleep.  Instead he just screamed!  We pulled over and checked him over to make sure he was not physically hurting.  He was fine.  I nursed him to try to pacify him.  As soon as we put him back in his car seat he started screaming again.  He was just sick of his car seat and we had three hours to go!  Radar and I sighed and put in a CD.  It just happened to be Queen.  Chris screamed.  Then “We Will Rock You” played.  Chris got quiet.  I looked in the back seat thinking he had finally gone to sleep.  He was happily kicking his feet!!  The song ended and he began to scream!  We went back to “We Will Rick You.”. Chris got quiet.  It ended and again he screamed!  We listened to “We Will Rock You” for the next three hours because it was better than listening to a baby scream! 

Published by julihulsey

I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 5. This site is about the shenanigans of our lives!

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