Dinosaur Chicken!

When John was about seven we decided to do a project where we reassembled chicken bones to create a skeleton like they do with dinosaur bones!  According to the article I read, they really do resemble dinosaur skeletons!  So off we went in search of a whole chicken, feet and head attached.  Do you know how hard this is to find in America?  I spent hours on the phone and finally found one.  We had to go all the way across town to the Asian market to get it!  Once we had the bird we had to cook it until all the meat fell off.  I put the whole thing in the biggest pot I had.  About halfway through cooking, the chicken STRETCHED IT LEGS UP AND WRAPPED ITS FEET AROUND THE EDGE OF THE POT! We were all very surprised to see this! 

After we separated the meat from the bones we had to bleach the bones to make them look right.  Then came the painstaking process of reassembling the bones!  The results were quite satisfying. 

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