Baby Mae

When Mae was a baby her older brothers ADORED her.  They would argue over whose turn it was to hold her and would beg me to not nurse her just once so they could bottle feed her.  They even got in the bassinet with her to cuddle her to sleep!  At this time John was four Chris was two and Mae was just an infant.  One day I had put Mae down for a nap and a movie in for the boys so I could take a shower.  I came out of the shower to find John in the bassinet with Mae.  He had his finger in her mouth!  “John! Why are you putting your finger in Mae’s mouth?” I asked.  “Mommy she was crying.  She needs something to suck on and she didn’t want her paci.  She wants MY finger!”.

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I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 5. This site is about the shenanigans of our lives!

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