We are raising a litter of abandoned kittens!  Boy has that been an adventure!  Of the litter of five, only one kitten had a tail.  So, of course, we called her Tail!  Tail was the most rambunctious, curious, and fearless of all the kittens!  She was always the first one do everything!  She was the one who climbed OUT of the play pen first! We would randomly find Tail on the floor and occasionally we found her by following the dog!  We even put a large blanket over the top of the kennel to keep the kittens in.  It only worked for one day with Tail!  One day when she out, Chocolate ( our lab mix) was in.  Tail ran between Chocolate’s back legs and he jumped and squeaked!  Then he lifted his floppy ears and started sniffing her!  Tail was completely oblivious that she’d given the dog a heart attack! 

Another day, when Tail was actually in the playpen, I decided to vacuum with the big vacuum instead of the Roomba.  I pulled the vacuum close to the play pen and turned it on.  All the kittens started jumping around like ping pong balls!! I felt bad for scaring them, but they sure were funny to watch!!  Of course, I turned  it off immediately and we took the kittens in the other room for me to do the necessary vacuuming. 

Robbie’s 30th Birthday Party

Last Saturday we went to our friend, Robbie’s 30th birthday party.  This was a big bash with all the stops!  There was a bounce house for the kids, an inflatable water slide, a pool, a swing set and plenty of kid-friendly entertainment for the adults too! 

Not long into the party, my husband and his friend decided to start dumping ICE WATER on some of us ladies.  I happened to be the lucky lady that got a whole cup of ice water dumped down my chest.  I jumped up and chased the offender down thoroughly soaking him with my drink.  Then, since I was soaked through already decided “What the heck!  I’ll go down the water slide!”. It was so much fun that I did it repeatedly!  One of the times I went down the water slide Ben and Cynthia caught my feet and told me I had caught fish!  Of course this stopped my momentum so I grabbed the little sticking up parts of the slide and pulled us down it,  (Almost army crawl style) all the while shouting that I had caught a Cynthia fish and a Ben fish until I dumped the kids in the mud on the other side!  The kids were like “Yay!! Do it again!!”. I’m going, *gasp* wheeze* “I can only haul in kid fish once guys”!

We went straight from the water slide to the bounce house.  Don’t know if you’re aware, but bounce houses are REALLY slippery when you’re wet.  Cynthia had a hard time staying up right.  At one point she asked me to pull her back up onto her feet.  I was at the edge of the bounce house ( this detail will become important shortly).  So I reach for both of her hands and in the process of trying to pull her up I fall backwards into the mesh window.  Next thing I know Cynthia is on top of me also against the mesh window and my butt is ON THE GROUND!  I kept telling her “roll that way.  Roll that way.”. But she couldn’t.  Pretty soon Ben was on top of her and Hanna on top of Ben!  We were royally stuck!   I was about to instruct the kids  to start shouting for help with me when help arrived.  Thankfully two of the men at the party had noticed our plight and came to the rescue!

 We did NOT get back in the bounce house.  Though I’m laughing now, I was not amused in the moment.


We have a hundred pound lab mix who is the sweetest boy!  He never complains when the kids dress him up or the youngest jumps in the middle of him.  He’s terrified of kittens!  We raised a litter of kittens and if you showed him one he’d start quaking!  He doesn’t run out the door or shove past you.  He has a completely different quirk.  He is accident prone! The first time we noticed this, we were getting ready to go out of town.  We were doing the final check on the animals when we noticed that Chocolate’s floppy ear had a huge bubble in it.  It was warm to the touch and he winced when we touched it.  Poor baby!  We delayed the trip and did some research on how to help his ear.  Finally my husband decided the best course of action was too drain the bubble, which he did.  Then we administered antibiotics.  He healed up just fine except the ear is now wrinkled!

Several years back we noticed that he was walking funny.  Upon investigation we found that he’d split the sheath covering his penis in half length wise!  It was completely laid open, split from one end to the other!!  Obviously, we went to the vet.  He said that it would heal on its own and didn’t put stitches in.  Instead he gave us a spray to keep the area clean.  (By the way it never did close up completely) We never figured out how he managed to do this.

A few years later he comes in from outside dripping blood from his ear! Upon investigation I learned that he had a half inch split on the tip of his ear!  I put pressure on it to stop the bleeding.  He disliked the sensation and pulled away then he proceeded to SHAKE HIS HEAD! Blood went EVERYWHERE!! It splattered the floor, walls and ceiling!  After another half hour of holding pressure It finally quit bleeding.  Then it was time to clean up the mess.  It took all of us working together hours to finish that job! Again we have no idea how he did it!


When the kids were little we had farm animals, chickens goats, ducks and rabbits.  One day we went out to feed the chickens. I had Louise on my hip and Mae by the hand as the boys ran ahead.  When they reached the chicken feed the boys went nuts! “Mom!! Mom!!  There’s a MOUSE in the chicken feed!! Can we catch it?  Can we catch it?”. “Yes”, I replied “go in the house and get a mason jar to catch it in.  Don’t touch it!”.  So the boys run into the house to collect the mason jar.  Carefully, we catch the mouse.  Then we see the cat.  “Boys”, I say, wait for the cat to move along before you let it go.  Otherwise you are sentencing the poor thing to death.”. About this time Mae squeals.  I turn away from the boys to see what was going on with Mae.  The boys took this opportunity to let the mouse go IN FRONT of the cat.  The feline however takes no notice.  The mouse knows a cat is near.  It crouches close to the ground and very carefully creeps away.  After several feet it must have thought it was safe because the mouse started taking GIANT LEAPS towards the back of our property.  Then a hen comes from behind the building.  “Cluck, cluck.” She says and cocks her head side to side.  Then she CATCHES THE MOUSE, turns her head upwards and SWALLOW IT WHOLE!  (I had no idea chickens would eat mice). Mae starts crying, “No chickie no!! Bad chickie bad!!”. The boys on the other hand are whooping and hollering with excitement!